The  premask  that actually sticks to air-release liner

See why AirMask® is the holy grail of premask

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TransferRite® AirMask® is the clear  premask  with an affinity for air-release liners

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A powerful new weapon in the war on bubbles, AirMask® will take your vinyl application to the next level. 

Designed for cold lamination – no heat or vacuum required

Actually sticks (and sticks well) to exposed areas of air-release liners

Works with a wide range of vinyl and liner brands

Roll it, stack it, store it — masked graphics won't crease, tunnel, or lift

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AirMask being applied via laminator

See where you're applying the graphic


Releases easily and cleanly upon installation


Installers love it too!

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ABI Tape 510U AirMask
48" x 100 yd

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ABI Tape 510U AirMask 
54" x 100 yd

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ABI Tape 510U AirMask
60" x 100 yd

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